11+ Poetic Inspiration from Missionary Poems for Spiritual Reflection


Poem 1

Oh Missionary Work What Do You Do?
Bring Minds To Peace And Hearts Too
Day In And Day Out Your Mission Rings True
Spreading God's Great Love For All Too View
People Of Faith Coming Together 
Joining Their Hearts To Help One Another 
Helping Those From Far Away Places 
Telling Of Hope That Never Erases

Poem 2

Far Across A Distant Land,
The Missionary Went To Preach And Lend A Hand.
He Walked Hand In Hand With Locals And Strangers,
To Spread God's Love, New Joy And Faith To Enliven All Danger. 
His Mission Of Hospitality Gave A Bridge Between Our Worlds Apart,
Despite Differences He Showed Pure Grace From His Heart. 
Returning From His Trip Full Of Progress And Growth,
A New Found Hope, Pierced The World Like An Arrow Of Truth. 
His Faith Was Unbreakable, Forever Unwavering In Trust. 
For Missionary Work Is An Offering Of Divine Hope And Love That We Can Rely On For Us.

Poem 3

A Missionary's Job Is A Treat
To Spread The Gospel Across Each Street 
From One To Five, Everyone Can Learn
The Stories Of Jesus And His Right Hand Turn 
There's No Greater Task That Could Be Given, Than This Work Up In Heaven 
To Witness Souls Be Born Anew 
Foundational Work With View Most True 
God Said Go, Go Forth And Shine 
Life Changing Lessons For All Mankind!

Poem 4

Christians Far And Near, 
Take Part In This Mission So Clear. 
Spreading God's Word Afar,
Sharing His Love As A Shining Star. 
They Open Their Heart And Mind, 
To Show Others What They Will Find. 
The Lord Provides The Grace To Go, 
And Missionaries Where Mercy Will Flow.

Poem 5

A Missionary Of Love, With An Open Heart,
Making Friends And Souls Converge With A Start.
Bringing Together People From All Over The World,
Spreading Laughter And Knowledge Ever Twirled. 
Healing Hearts Bit By Bit, Letting No One Be Left Out;
Shining Down Rays Of Hope To Loneliness Spout. 
Missionary Poems Taking Belief Strides Beyond The Skies,
Letting Faith Bloom Where It Never Has Before, Replies!

Poem 6

The Great Missionary, T'was A Selfless Cause,
Verily Brought Good Tidings And The Lord's Laws.
Their Purpose Holy, To Make The World Know, 
Obey Those Commandments, 'twas The Right Way To Go.

In Danger Of Death So Many Did Go,
But Their Courage Was Strong And Hardships They Would Stow. 
Charity And Love They Showed Without Fail, 
Unwavering Dedication While God's Word They'd Hail. 

Through Intense Labor Of Prayer And Studying Scripture Like Clockwork, 
That Precious Knowledge To Countless Souls Missionary Work Would Unlock.

Poem 7

The Work Of A Missionary Is So Real,
Spreading The Gospel As If It’s A Meal.
Living Among Others, To Bring Them The Word,
Is A Mission That One Mustn’t Have Overlooked.

Sharing God’s Love With The Far And Near,
Encourage Them To Draw Nearer With No Fear.
Telling Tales Of Heaving Hope And Life Anew,
So That Everyone May Know Of Jesus Too.

Poem 8

Glorious Missionaries For Us To Adore,
Spreading His Word And Unlocking Heaven’s Door.
Mighty Servants We Strive To Emulate,
Doing God’s Will On Missions That We Create. 
Leading The Way With Faith And Heartfelt Prayers,
Bringing Forth Our Savior Lord Jesus Christ To All Out There. 
Gather In Unity Our Hands And Souls,
Asging The Lord To Help Guide Our Missionary Goals.

Poem 9

Oh, The Work Of A Missionary,
As He Travels Far And Near 
To Speak Of The Gospel To Many Nations,
So That All May Know His Word Is Clear. 
He Brings Poise And Faith To Every Place,
Helping Others In So Many Ways,
As He Teaches God's Message Of Love
For All In This World Throughout The Days. 
We Thank Our Lord For His Working Hand 
In Keeping Missionaries Safe And Strong, 
So They Can Share With Everyone Everywhere 
Right From Where They Belong.

Poem 10

In Foreign Lands A Missionary Stands,
For Gospel Truth And Not His Hands,
A Willing Heart Sent Far Apart 
To Help Lost Souls To Find The Heart.

Their Message Clear, They Wait And Share 
What Hope They Found Through Faith In Prayer,
Praise God That Works In Many Ways 
Which Inspires Missionary Poems Today.

Poem 11

In The Mission Field A Light Is Shining Bright,
Sharing God’s Love With All In Their Sight.
They Work Day And Night, Never Giving Up On Their Plight,
Leaving Behind The World Of Comfortable Home Comforts So Trite.

Giving All They Have To Spread His Hope And Grace,
Offering Others An Eternal Life That They Cannot Replace.
A Sacrifice Made So None Will Be Lost, 
We Thank Them For All The Souls Not Counted At Any Cost.

Poem 12

A Calling To Explore Exotic Lands, 
Adventuring To Churches Afar. 
Bringing The Word Of God To Foreign Hands, 
Living Amongst People From A Star.

Teaching And Guiding Each Day That Passes,  
Showing A Path Without Fear. 
Progressing All Our Hopes And Masses,  
Providing Joy Throughout The Year. 

A Life Of Service And Contribution,   
Helping The Souls Beneath That Sun. 
The Work Of These Heroes In True Devotion,   
Sacrifices All Have Been Done.


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