Poems About the Joy of Giving: Gifts and Gratitude


Poem 1

Gifts Of Wonder, Gifts Of Joy
Each And Every One A Toy
Some Come Grand, Some More Small
But Their Worth Is Immeasurable To Us All.

Be It Friendship Tokens Of Sweet Surprise,
Or A Gift To Become One’s Prized Possession.
Every Gift Is Filled With So Much Love, 
No Matter It’s Price Or Size Glove. 
For The Giver There Is No Bigger Joy, 
Than Seeing The Receiver's Face Light Up With Joy. 
The Impact That These Presents Make 	  	   		    
Form An Unsung Bond For Eternal Keep.

Poem 2

Gifts Are The Treasures Of Sentiment,
The Best Way To Show Our Intent
From Close Friends And Family Near
Sent With Love, Across The Year. 
These Tokens Of Thoughtfulness, Be It Large Or Small 
Allow Us To Express Gratitude For All
For Each Significant Moment Throughout Our Lives 
Gifts Form Lasting Memories For Times Like These.

Poem 3

Gifts That Mean So Much More,
A Token Of Love, Times Galore.
Carefully Chosen To Show How We Feel,
The Thought Behind It To Make Hearts Heal. 
A Gift Can Be Meaningful Or Funny,
And Take A While To Find Just The One. 
Sometimes They Come Without Warning And Surprise,
Gifts Are A Reminder Our Love Never Dies.

Poem 4

Gifts That Come From The Heart,
Softly They Spread Their Joy And Art.
Treasures Of Surprise And Laughter 
Show Us To A New World Forever After. 
Wrapped In Bright Paper, Who Knows Whats Inside? 
To Open Could Bring So Much Pride. 
When Moments Get Rough And Hard To Weather,
A Gift Can Bring Us All Back Together.

Poem 5

Gifts Are An Amazing Way To Show Love 
It Shows Thought And Effort Taken To Them Prove 
A Special Occasion Or Just To Say Hi 
The Feeling Of Giving Brings Joy In The Sky  

Wrapping Paper With Bows And Ribbons So Gay 
Open It Up And Make The Receiver's Day! 
With Thoughtful Words, Start Off The Morn  
Carrying Joy That Will Come With A Storm  
It’s Not Just About Which Gifts We Choose, Rather How Much Joy They Bring When We Give Them Out Too

Poem 6

The Gift Of A Heart To Share 
Is Worth More Than Any Wealth,
It's Greater Than All The Fanfare,
Will Last Longer Than Life Itself.

A Token For Thought That's Sincere 
A Present Of Love Strong And True, 
Giving Something So Special, I Fear 
Nothing Can Compare To You.
A Message Within My Heart Still Reigns 
As Your Gift Gives Me Hope And Joy, 
Through Your Caring My Soul It Sustains 
Your Gifts Are A Blessing And Bring Us Right Up Close.

Poem 7

A Gift Is Something That's Free,
It's Not An Object That Needs To Be Bought,
It Comes From Someone Who Loves You Dearly,
Bringing A Smile And Joy That Cannot Be Taught. 

Sometimes It's The Smallest Of Things,
A Hug Or A Pat On The Back; 
These Extrasodinary Offerings Bring Forth So Much Love, 
With These Gifts One Can Never Lack.

Poem 8

Gifts Come In All Shapes And Sizes,
And Fill Our Hearts With Such Surprises.
No Matter What They May Contain,
It's The Thought That Takes Away The Strain.
So Give A Gift From Your Own Heart,
Let Love Be Played Its Part. 
Nurture Relationships With Happy Talks, 
For This Is The Best Way To Show Your Love - For Better Or For Worse.

Poem 9

A Gift Can Be Large, Small And In Between 
It Is A Token Of Love Ever So Serene 
Giving As A Gesture Of Your Heart's Own Grace 
It Can Be Expensive Or Something Made With Care. 
It Can Be A Hug When Sadness Overwhelms, 
Or Something Quiet Like A Bouquet Of Hellebore. 
Gifts Don't Always Have To Be An Object In Hand,  
Sometimes Our Presence Is More Than Enough.

Poem 10

Gifts, What A Wonderful Surprise
Wrapped Up In Pretty Paper And Ribbons
Perfect For Those Special Days And Times
Bestowing Joy Upon Our Loved Ones 
Pair With Thoughtfulness To Bring Delight 
Encapsulate Moments Of Sweet Delight 
The Spirit Of Generosity Soars High 
Gifts Bring Magic To Skies So Very High

Poem 11

Gifts Are A Way To Show Our Care
We Can't Always Be There
But Giving Gifts Shows You Still Care, Even When Apart
From Chocolates To Stuffed Animals, It Warms The Heart 
A Trinket In View Reminds Us Of Someone Lovely And Sweet 
Just Like Those Memories, They Can Not Be Beat 
Giving Gifts Is A Way Of Showing That You're Kind 
They Lift The Spirit And Leave An Imprint On The Mind 
Don't Forget To Give Gifts Every Now And Again 
It's A Gesture Of Kindness From Deep Within.

Poem 12

Gifts We Give With Joyous Heart
Filling Up Our Love With Art
A Token Of Affection, Some Say
Given With Respect And Prayers To Pray 
Whatever Their Form, Near Or Far 
We Cherish The Gift Of Friendship They Are 
Wrapped In A Box Or Given Free 
The Beauty Is The Joy They Bring Us To See.

Poem 13

Gifts Are Special Tokens Of Care,
That Show Great Thought And Loving Flair. 
On Birthdays, Holidays, Or Just Because,
With Sparkling Smiles And Warm Embrace. 
Gifts Come In All Shapes And Sizes,
From Cherished Cards To Precious Surprises. 
A Heartfelt Gift Can Heal A Broken Heart,
Showing Compassion For A Friend's Misfortunes Start. 
To Give Freely From The Heart Is Such Delight, 
A Universal Way To Show Love Each Night.

Poem 14

A Gift, A Thought, An Hour Of Time
Its Worth Comes From Something Divine
A Way To Show Someone You Care
Showing Gratitude And Love In The Air
Happiness Radiates Through It All
By Leaveing A Smile So Tall
A Waft Of Joy So Sweet And Smooth
Bringing Blessings Though Many Trooves

Poem 15

Gifts Of Friendship And Love,
Shared By All From Near And Far,
Symbolic Of Peace And Joy,
Each One Special Like A Star.

Uniquely Wrapped With Ribbon Bows,
Vivid Colors Gleaming Bright,
Gifts That Remind Us How 
Much We Adore Them Day And Night.

The Spirit In Which They’re Given 
Meaningful Beyond Compare, 
Presents Share Our Unconditional Love 
And Show How Much We Care.

Poem 16

Gifts Are Heartfelt Treasures,
That Come From Far And Wide. 
Giving Us Small Pleasures, 
The Ones That Spark Joy Inside.

A Present From A Loved One's Heart,
Is Something We Will Never Part. 
It Adds To Our Memories Forever, 
These Gifts Made With Love However Clever. 

A Gift May Be As Simple As A Hug, 
Or Something Like A Mug. 
At The End Of The Day No Matter What Size,  
Gifts Bring Us Closer To Beloved Ties.

Poem 17

Gifts Are A Sign Of Friendship And Cheer
That Can Make Someone Smile From Ear To Ear
From The Thoughtful Small Ones That Come Along
To The Bigger Ones That Don't Go Wrong
No Gift Is Too Large Or Too Small
Big Or Small, They All Mean Something For Us All 
Giving Gifts Is About Showing Our Caring Heart 
With Gifts We Make Bridges Of Love To Never Part.

Poem 18

The Beauty Of Some Gifts Can Astound
Each Thoughtfully Wrapped With The Utmost Care
Giving Joy To The Recipient Profound
It Means So Much Beyond What We Share    
Gifts That Represent Friendships So Deep
Wrapped In Love, Powerful And Complete 
Confirming For Us A Special Bond We Keep  
These Gifts Will Forever Our Hearts Entreat!


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