7+ Poem on Suicide


Poem 1

Suicide, A Lonely And Silent Way Out
That Leads To Nowhere But Eternal Doubt. 
Take Away The Thought And Never Doubt Your Worth 
Without It Sorrow Can't Linger On Earth. 
Life Is Precious And Meant To Bring Joy 
Not Weakness Or Feelings Of Broken Alloy. 
A Little Hope Can Carry You Through Short And Long Days 
It'll Help Lift You Up In Different Ways. 
Lean On The Ones That Love You So,  
You Don't Have To Feel This Pain Anymore, You Know?

Poem 2

Suicide, The Quiet Tragedy,
That No Amount Of Sympathy Can Set Free;
It Follows Us Like Clouds Of Misery,
Held Harsh And Held So Rigorously. 
Our Stories Forever Carried In Memoriam, 
A Cruel Sense Of Loneliness Overpowers The Mind; 
Reducing Hope And Joys To An Occasional Glim, 
But Overcoming Is Victorious And A Grand Divine.

Poem 3

Suicide, It Can Be So Hard To Understand,
A Disease That Takes Away What We Had Already Began.
Thoughts Of Death And Despair Cloud Minds Every Single Day,
It Seems No End Is In Sight, Nothing There To Take The Pain Away. 
But If A Person’s Time Has Come We Can Only Sit And Pray,
That All Their Burdens Heavy Have Been Taken Away. 
We Try Not To Ask Why But To Find Some Sort Of Remedy,
So That Those Who Feel So Low Still Have Time Left In This World To See.

Poem 4

Suicide, A Dark And Lonely Plight,
An Escape For One Filled With Fright.
Crippled By Thoughts Of Despair Deep, 
The World Couldn't Care Any Less It Seems. 
Hope Is Gone As Life Comes To An End, 
Nothing Left But A Horrible Pain To Mend. 
No One Ever Sees The Signs Before The Deed Is Done, 
A Life So Valuable Can Never Be Won.

Poem 5

Death Befriends My Weary Soul
Life's Pain I Can Hardly BearI Gaze At The Hudson Shore,Wretched And Heavyhearted There.

The Bridge So Silent And GreyA Noose Ready To SwayA Wisp Of Hope Nowhere SeenTo Take This Life By Its Reign.

No Sense Of Relief Or SolaceMy Heart Won't Catch PaceAn Urge To Die OverwhelmingDisturbing All My Being.

So Down This Path I Must GoDespite Winds Of Sorrow That BlowTo The Grand Hudson River,From Here I Will Surely Deliver

Poem 6

Suicidal Thoughts Haunt My Mind,
Darkness Has Come To Blind,
The Pain From Deep Within, 
My Silence Does Not Bend,
Trying And Trying So Hard, 
Carrying A Burden Never Pardoned 
Thinking About Ending My Life,  
Words Can’t Express This Mental Strife.

Poem 7

Suicidal Thoughts Known To Lurk,
Sadly, Too Many A Life Is Smirk. 
Pleas For Help So Hard To Hear, 
In Pain And Confusion They Disappear. 
A Cause So Misunderstood And Lonely, 
Faces No One Knows The Story. 
Give These Souls Some Peace Of Mind,
Listen To Their Words And Be Kind.

Poem 8

Too Many Tears, Too Much Fear, 
Life's Despair Is All Too Clear, 
Hope And Joy Have Faded Away, 
Lost Dreams Keep Haunting With Dismay. 
Darkness Seems So Inviting Still, 
Wanting To Escape From Life's Ill Will, 
The Only Way Out Seems So Hard And Tight, 
The Urge To Commit Suicide Tonight.


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