6+ Poems About Suicidal.


Poem 1

Amidst The Chaos Of The Mind,
Lies A Darkness Hard To Find,
A World Where Thoughts Are Unkind,
And Emotions Are Intertwined.

Suicidal Whispers Fill The Air,
A Heavy Burden, Too Much To Bear,
A Constant Struggle, A Daily Affair,
A Battle Fought With Utmost Care.

The Mind Becomes A Prison Cell,
A Place Where Hope Cannot Dwell,
The Heart Aches, And Tears Swell,
Life Seems Like A Living Hell.

But Hold On Tight, Dear Friend,
For This Battle, You Can Transcend,
A Helping Hand, A Support To Lend,
A New Beginning, A Life To Amend.

For Every Night Has Its End,
And Every Wound Can Surely Mend,
With Love And Hope, We Can Ascend,
Towards A Future, We Can Apprehend.

So Take My Hand, Let Us Walk,
Through The Shadows And The Talk,
Towards A New Dawn, A New Flock,
Together, Let Us Build A New Rock.

For Life Is A Precious Gift,
A Light That Can Never Drift,
A Journey That Can Always Uplift,
With Love And Courage As Our Thrift.

Poem 2

In The Dark Corners Of My Mind,
A Shadowed Figure I Often Find.
Whispering Doubts That Make Me Blind,
To The Hope That I Should Bind.

Suicidal Thoughts, They Come And Go,
A Tempest That Never Ceases To Blow.
My Soul Adrift, A Ship In Tow,
Towards The Depths, I Fear To Know.

Yet Amidst The Storm, A Glimmer Of Light,
A Flicker Of Hope That Shines So Bright.
A Beacon Of Love That Holds Me Tight,
And Steers Me Towards A Safer Sight.

I Know Not What The Future Brings,
Or If My Heart Will Sprout New Wings.
But I Know That Hope Can Make Me Sing,
And Peace To My Troubled Mind Can Bring.

So If You Find Yourself In That Dark Place,
Remember That Love Can Bring Solace.
Hold On, Dear Friend, To That Embrace,
And Let Hope Be Your Saving Grace.

For Though The Road May Be Long And Tough,
The Light At The End Will Be Enough.
To Heal Your Heart, To Mend Your Rough,
And Make You Realize You're Enough.

Poem 3

Fatal, Oh Fatal, A Word That Strikes Fear,
A Harbinger Of Endings, And An Omen Of Tears.
It Echoes In The Silence, A Sound So Severe,
And Fills Our Hearts With Sorrow And Drear.

The Finality Of It All, The Certainty Of The End,
A Fate That We All Must One Day Comprehend.
A Force That Can Shatter And Break Or Bend,
A Weight That We All Must Eventually Suspend.

But Fatal, Oh Fatal, Can Also Bring Peace,
An End To The Struggles, A Welcome Release.
A Chance To Let Go, A Time To Cease,
And Find Solace In The Memories We Keep.

For Though Fatal May Seem So Cruel And Stark,
It Can Also Be A Journey, A Sacred Spark.
A Chance To Leave Behind The Shadows And Dark,
And Embrace The Light That Awaits In The Park.

So Let Us Not Fear Fatal, But Rather Embrace,
The Beauty And Love That Still Leave A Trace.
Let Us Cherish The Moments And Hold Them In Place,
And Let Them Guide Us To A Brighter Space.

For Fatal, Oh Fatal, Is Not The End,
But Rather A Beginning, A Message To Send.
A Reminder To Love And Cherish, To Bend,
And To Celebrate Life Until The Very End.

Poem 4

Poems That Talk Of Suicidal Thoughts, 
Conjure Up Deep Personal Pain.
Touched Lives May Fear The Chance They'll Be Caught-
Their Inner Nightmares Bared To Plain.
So Much Agony From Tiny Lines, 
The Power Of Carefully Chosen Words. 
That Tug At Deathly Thoughts Within The Minds 
For Those Whose Sadness No One Heard.

Poem 5

Suicidal Thoughts Consume My Heart, 
Never Knowing When They'll Depart. 
My Sadness Starts To Slowly Seep, 
As My Mind's Distress I Try To Keep. 
You Can't No More Grasp The Calm Within, 
When Suicidal Poems Haunt Pen In Hand. 
Darkness Repeats "now Suicide's Real,"  
But I Cannot Follow This Surreal Call.

Poem 6

A Cry For Help, An Unending Pain,
Life's Joys Now Seem Far Away. 
Dark Thoughts, Sadness And Sorrow Reign,
As Thoughts Of Suicide Take Hold Each Day. 
The Need To Feel Something That's True, 
An Understanding Of A Lonely Heart. 
But With Deep Reflection And Understanding Too, 
We Can Seize It All And Make A New Start.

Poem 7

The Poems Of Suicidal, Dark And Dreary,
Though They Speak Of A Deep Sorrow So Weary;
The Writing Can Be Painful To Read, 
But Offers Hope To Those In Need. 

The Idea Of Help Can Bring Relief, 
A Chance To Start Again And Find Belief; 
Life's Worth Going On For That Hard-won Prize, 
And The Poem Brings That Tear In The Eye.


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