17+ Christian Poems of Encouragement


Poem 1

When Life Throws You A Curveball
And Makes Your World Spin Around,
Reach Deep And Draw Your Strength From God,
Turn To Him And Make No Sound. 

His Faithfulness Will Not Be Shaken,
His Peace Will Guide Us Through. 
Take Comfort In His Word Of Promise-
Inspiration Rests Within You. 

Through Doubts And Griefs He Lifts Us Up,
Calm Our Hearts And Souls Anew. 
His Grace Pours Down From Heights Above, 
Mighty Shield Of Courage Too!

Poem 2

"A Beacon Of Hope"

In The Darkest Of Times, When The Road Is Long,
And The Burden Is Heavy, And The Heart Is Sore,
We Look For A Beacon Of Hope, To Guide Us On,
And Remind Us That We Are Never Alone.

For The Lord Is With Us, In Every Step We Take,
And His Love Surrounds Us, Like A Warm Embrace,
He Gives Us The Strength, To Keep Going On,
And The Courage, To Face Whatever Comes.

When The Storms Of Life, Rage All Around,
And The Winds Of Doubt, Threaten To Pull Us Down,
We Hold On To The Promise, Of His Love And Grace,
And We Find The Strength, To Rise Above It All.

So Let Us Be Encouraged, By The Love Of The Lord,
And Let Us Hold Fast, To The Hope That He Has Bestowed,
For He Will Guide Us, Through The Darkest Of Days,
And His Light Will Shine, To Light Our Way.

Poem 3

"An Anchor Of Faith"

When The Seas Of Life, Are Rough And Wild,
And The Waves Of Doubt, Threaten To Drag Us Down,
We Hold On To The Anchor Of Faith, That Keeps Us Strong,
And Reminds Us That We Are Never Alone.

For The Lord Is Our Anchor, In Every Storm We Face,
And His Love Is Our Refuge, In Every Difficult Place,
He Gives Us The Strength, To Keep Going On,
And The Peace, To Weather Any Storm.

When The Winds Of Life, Blow Hard And Fast,
And The Currents Of Doubt, Threaten To Pull Us Past,
We Hold On To The Promise, Of His Love And Grace,
And We Find The Strength, To Endure And To Pass.

Poem 4

When I'm Feeling Low In Spirit And My Courage Fades Away,
I Find A Poem Of Encouragement To Brighten Up My Day.
I Read The Words Of God's Own Truth To Enlighten My Heart,
And His Grace Offers Infinite Strength For A Brand New Start.

A Reminder That His Love Remains Despite Each Stumbling Block, 
His Strength Seen In Adversity And Mountains He Has Rocked. 
Perseverance Comes From Our Faith, No Matter How Far We Stray; 
Leading Us Back Above The Clouds With Answers On The Way. 

Letting Faith Shine Through Our Hearts, Carrying Us On When We Feel Down; 
In Jesus' Healing Presence Let Joy's Song Be Abound.

Poem 5

Be Still, My Heart, And Rest In Confidence
For A Higher Power Is In Attendance 
Your Faith Won't Be Tried With No Consequence 
Never Fear Even The Harshest Consequence 
A Path Of Grace Lies Ahead If You Stay Strong 
Revive Your Soul With Christ's Uplifting Song 
With Him In Love And Faith You Can Go Wrong 
Christian Poems Of Encouragement Will Never Be Gone.

Poem 6

Though Our World May Seem Dark And Bleak
God Will Still Fill Us With Hope And Peace
His Word Gives Us Strength For The Weak
As Christian Poems Of Encouragement We Seek 
Showing God's Presence No Matter The Place 
Giving Courage When You're Feeling Displaced 
Our Faith Guides Us Through Struggles In Life 
God's Love And Hope Alleviates All Strife

Poem 7

Hope And Courage Are Found In His Word
To Lead Us Through Each And Every Trial
No Matter What Life May Throw At Us
The Lord Will Guard Us With His Loving Smile 
We Need Not Fear Our Darkest Night 
He Will Always Be There To Light The Way 
His Promises Of All Eternity
Will Offer Strength For Another Day.

Poem 8

Give Us Strength In Times Of Need,
Let Him Into Our Hearts And Minds,
We Should All Strive To Be Brave, 
Staying Faithful Through The Pain. 
Hear The Lord's Voice On High,
Finding Comfort When We Cry,
Christian Poems Of Such Encouragement,,
Bring Us All Closer To His Loving Embrace.

Poem 9

The Lord Will Bless Us In Our Journeys,
No Mountain Too Steep He Can't Help Us To Scale. 
For It's In His Grace Our Hearts Find Solace,
His Light Relieves A Burden's Wail. 
When We Are Sad Christian Poems Bring Solace, 
Unfailing Love Is God's Great Embrace. 
In His Comfort He'll Erase Our Worries;
His Promises Provide Assurance We Can Face.  
Faithful Guidance On Our Faith Brings Clarity And Peace, 
God's Best Thoughts On Our Soul Never Cease--for All Eternity!

Poem 10

Heavenly Father So Gracious And Kind
His Words Of Hope, Truth And Peace Of Mind 
A Way To Grow Closer In His Grace 
Fellowship With Him, A Special Place 
Strength Found In Christ Through Times Of Woe 
Courage And Compassion Helps Us To Grow 
Encouraged To Walk In His Will Each Day 
Gratefully Accepting The Help He Sends Our Way.

Poem 11

A Single Spark Can Burst Into Light,
It's Like A Blessing On This Night,
Christian Poems Provide Grace And Hope,
They Lead Us On An Endless Boat, 
Their Words Are Gentle And Sweet, 
Inspiring Us To Never Retreat, 
The Lord Looks On With Loving Care,  
Providing Solace In Our Prayer.

Poem 12

The Lord Of Lords, The King Divine
We Turn To Him In Trying Times 
He Never Fails To Comfort Us
In Faith And Love So Mightily Just 
He Strengthens Courage In Our Souls 
That We Can Stretch And Reach Our Goals 
His Grace Is Here For All To See
These Christian Poems Of Encouragement!

Poem 13

A Shield Of Grace"

In The Battles Of Life, When The Fight Is Fierce,
And The Arrows Of Doubt, Threaten To Pierce,
We Look For A Shield Of Grace, To Protect Us And Keep Us Strong,
And Remind Us That We Are Never Alone.

For The Lord Is Our Shield, And In Him We Find Strength,
His Love Surrounds Us, Like A Barrier Of Grace And Length,
He Gives Us The Courage, To Face Every Fight,
And The Wisdom To Know What Is Right.

When The Enemies Of Life, Come To Attack,
And The Doubts Of The Mind, Threaten To Hold Us Back,
We Look To The Promise, Of His Love And Mercy,
And We Find The Strength To Overcome Any Adversity.

So Let Us Be Protected, By The Grace Of The Lord,
And Let Us Hold Fast, To The Shield That He Has Bestowed,
For He Will Guide Us, Through Every Battle And Strife,
And His Grace Will Be The Shield, That Keeps Us Alive.

Poem 14

Encouragement Blooms From Within,
A Blessing You Can Always Feel,
Equal For All Of God's Kin,
And It Never Fails To Heal. 
Gently Lightening Burdens Given,
True Comfort From The Holy Word,
Life’s Struggles Have A Brief End, 
In Christian Poems We Are Assured. 
Peaceful Hope And Truth Will Show, 
Guiding Us Through Dark Dismay, 
As Faith Will Ever Overflow, 
Blessing Us With Joy This Day.

Poem 15

A Plea For Strength, A Whisper Of Hope,
Christian Poems Brought Grace To Bear 
The Ink All The Same, The Thread Interweaving
Peace And Love In Hearts Relieving.

Residues Of Fear, Resilience It Bestows; 
Prayerful Imagery Guiding The Way 
Green Pastures With No Sorrow Or Pain; 
Forgiveness And Comfort In Every Verse They Claim.

Poem 16

God's Love Light That Never Fades,
His Grace That Always Carries Us;
We Find Our Joy In His Embrace,
A Shelter For Each Of Us.

Through Trials We Can't Comprehend,
His Word Shines Like A Beacon Bright;
Confidence And Courage To Lend--
These His Faith-filled Words Ignite.  
Our Hearts, Full Of Hope And Grace,
Are Soothed By The Sweet Song He Brings;  
Arms Wide Open - God Is The Source, 
Enduring Peace That All True Believers Sing.

Poem 17

Though Some Days We Feel Weak And Worn,
The Challenges Of Life Forlorn.
Your Faith Can Bring Courage Anew, 
To Face The Troubles And Trials Ahead Of You. 
With Christian Poems Of Encouragement,
Allow Joy To Flow Like A Stream Through Your Soul.
A Renewed Hope Will Shine In The Darkness Of Night,
Reminding You That God Is Near Shining His Light.  
He Will Guide You Along Life's Journeys, 
Giving Strength And Comfort With Holy Words Penned.

Poem 18

Soft Whisper From The Lord Up Above, 
Words Of Love, Strength And Healing. 
Bringing Assurance In Christ’s Infinite Love, 
Gifting Us Faith For Life That’s More Fulfilling. 

Joyful Peace Beyond What We Can Understand, 
We Have Courageous Hope Over This Vast Land. 
Spiritual Gifts For Our Journey On Earth, 
Wrapped In An Encouraging Word To Assuage Our Hurt.


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