10+Dad Acrostic Poem


Poem 1

Dashing And Strong, He Stands So Tall,
A Beacon Of Guidance, The Wisest Of All.
Devoted And Caring, His Love Never Wanes,
A Pillar Of Strength, Through Joys And Pains.

Affectionate And Kind, Always There To Embrace,
Determined And Brave, In Every Tough Chase.
Admirable And Patient, With Lessons To Share,
Delighting In Laughter, His Joy In The Air.

A Protector, A Mentor, A Friend Through The Years,
Dedicating His Time, Erasing All Fears.
Always Supportive, In Each Step We Take,
Dear Dad, You're A Treasure, No One Can Remake.

Poem 2

Dedicated And Strong, His Love Unwavering,
A Guiding Light Through Life's Endless Endeavor.
Devoted Father, Always Caring,
His Presence, A Shield We Shall Never Sever.

Affectionate And Warm, His Embrace So Tender,
Drawing Us Close, In Love's Sweet Surrender.
A Mentor And Friend, Wise Beyond Measure,
Dad's Wisdom Guides, Bringing Us Pleasure.

Admired And Respected, His Character Shines,
Providing Strength And Support, Like Intertwining Vines.
Patient Listener, Understanding Our Fears,
Dad's Gentle Words Wipe Away All Our Tears.

Poem 3

Dawn Breaks, And The World Awakes,
A Steadfast Presence, A Love That Never Shakes.
Dad, You're The Anchor, The Rock Of Our Lives,
Always There For Guidance, As Each Day Thrives.

A Protector, Strong And True,
Determined To See Us Through.
Your Love Flows In Every Word You Say,
Endlessly Caring, Lighting Our Way.

A Mentor, Teaching Us Life's Lessons,
Devoted To Shaping Our Dreams And Expressions.
With Open Arms, You Embrace Us Tight,
Dad, Your Love Fills Us With Pure Delight.

Poem 4

Dad, You're The Anchor Of My Life,
Always There To Guide And Provide.
Devotion And Love, So Strong And True,
A Role Model In All That You Do.

You Teach Me Patience And Lend An Ear,
Supporting Me Through Joy And Fear.
Your Wisdom And Kindness Forever Shine,
Dad, Your Love Is Truly Divine.

Poem 5

Determined And Strong, You Stand So Tall,
A Guiding Light, The Greatest Of All.
Devoted And Loving, Your Heart So Pure,
A Constant Presence, Steadfast And Sure.

Affectionate And Caring, Your Embrace So Warm,
Delighting In Moments, In Laughter We Swarm.
A Protector And Mentor, With Wisdom To Share,
Dad, Your Love And Guidance, Beyond Compare.

Poem 6

D Is For The Dedication You Display,
A Pillar Of Strength, Guiding The Way.
Dad, You're The Anchor, Steady And True,
Always There To Support, Whatever We Pursue.

A Is For The Affection You Freely Share,
Your Love, A Beacon That Shows You Care.
Admired And Respected, Your Wisdom So Profound,
You Shape Our Lives, With Every Word And Sound.

D Is For The Devotion That Knows No End,
Your Presence, A Blessing, Our Eternal Friend.
You Teach Us Values And Lead By Example,
Dad, Your Impact On Our Lives Is Immeasurable.

Poem 7

Dedicated And Strong, A Rock In My Life,
A Beacon Of Love, Banishing All Strife.
Devoted And Caring, You've Always Been There,
Guiding My Steps With Tender, Heartfelt Care.

A Provider And Protector, Steadfast And True,
You Work Tirelessly For All That We Do.
Dad, Your Support Is An Unwavering Force,
Your Presence A Comfort, An Unending Source.

In Your Arms, I Find Solace And Peace,
Your Wisdom And Guidance, A Priceless Lease.
Thank You, Dear Dad, For All That You Are,
A Shining Example, My Guiding Star.

Poem 8

Dad, A Guiding Light, Always There By My Side,
A Pillar Of Strength, In You I Confide.
Devoted And Selfless, Your Love Knows No Bounds,
A Source Of Comfort, In Life's Ups And Downs.

Affectionate And Caring, Your Embrace Is Warm,
A Shelter From The Storms, A Safe Haven From Harm.
Determined And Resilient, You Lead With Grace,
Instilling In Me Values, Leaving A Lasting Trace.

Dear Dad, Your Wisdom And Guidance I Treasure,
A Source Of Inspiration, A Wellspring Of Pleasure.
With Every Step I Take, You're There To Guide,
Your Unwavering Support Fills Me With Pride.

Poem 9

Distinguished And Wise, A Father So Dear,
Always Present, Wiping Away Every Tear.
Devoted And Selfless, You Give Your All,
A Pillar Of Strength, Standing Tall.

Affectionate And Caring, Your Love Is Profound,
Guiding And Nurturing, Always Around.
Dad, Your Warmth And Kindness Embrace,
Radiating Love, Filling Every Space.

A Role Model, Teaching Lessons So True,
Determined And Resilient, Seeing Us Through.
In Your Footsteps, We Find Inspiration,
Dad, Your Love Is Our Foundation.

Poem 10

Dusk Fades As Dawn Breaks, A Brand-new Day,
A Father's Love Shines, Lighting The Way.
Devotion Unmatched, A Bond So Deep,
Dad's Unwavering Support, A Treasure To Keep.

Affectionate Whispers, Gentle And Kind,
Dedicated And Caring, Always On My Mind.
A Pillar Of Strength, In Times Of Despair,
Dad's Guidance And Wisdom, Beyond Compare.

Admired And Respected, A Role Model So Grand,
Dependable And Loving, Forever At Hand.
Dear Dad, Your Presence, A Gift I Cherish,
A Beacon Of Love That Will Never Perish.

Poem 11

Dad, A Beacon Of Strength, Shining So Bright,
A Constant Presence, My Guiding Light.
Devoted And Loving, You're Always There,
In Your Embrace, I Find Solace And Care.

Affectionate And Wise, Your Words Impart,
Lessons And Values, Deep In My Heart.
Determined And Resilient, You Inspire,
With Unwavering Love That Never Tires.

A Protector, Provider, And My Best Friend,
You Support And Encourage, Until The End.
Dear Dad, You're Cherished, Beyond Measure,
Forever Grateful For Your Love And Treasure.


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