10+Acrosting Poem For Constitution


Poem 1

C - Compassion, The Cornerstone Of Our Land,
O - Order And Justice, Hand In Hand.
N - Noble Ideals, Woven Into Each Clause,
S - Safeguarding Liberties, Without Any Pause.
T - Tolerance And Equality, The Essence It Imparts,
I - Integrity And Honor, Beating In Our Hearts.
T - Tenacious Defense Of Freedoms We Hold Dear,
U - Unity And Harmony, We Always Revere.
T - Trust In The System, Binding Us As One,
I - Informed Citizens, Duty To Be Done.
O - Opportunity And Progress, For All To Share,
N - Nurturing Democracy, With Utmost Care.

Constitution, A Living Testament Of Our Past,
Guiding Our Present, Ensuring A Future Vast.
A Shield For The Weak, A Voice For The Oppressed,
A Document Of Hope, By Which We Are Blessed.

Oh, Constitution! In Your Words We Find,
The Principles That Unite Humankind.
From Every Corner, Creed, And Race,
You Embrace Us All, In An Embrace Of Grace.

Through Stormy Debates And Changing Times,
You Stand Firm, A Beacon That Brightly Shines.
Inspiring Generations, For Centuries To Come,
Our Constitution, Our Nation's Beating Drum.

Poem 2

C - Cherished And Revered, Our Constitution Stands,
O - Overseeing A Nation With Democratic Hands.
N - Nurturing The Values That Make Us Strong,
S - Safeguarding Rights, To Which We All Belong.
T - Tenets Of Justice, Equality, And Liberty,
I - Inspiring Generations With Its Legacy.
T - Treading The Path Of Fairness And Grace,
U - Uniting Diverse Voices In One Embrace.
T - Timeless Document, Its Principles Endure,
I - Igniting The Flame Of Freedom, Pure.
O - Oaths Taken To Uphold Its Sacred Decree,
N - National Unity, Bound By Its Decree.

Constitution, A Beacon In Times Of Strife,
Guiding Us Through The Ebb And Flow Of Life.
A Tapestry Of Ideals, Woven With Care,
A Testament To The Principles We Share.

From The Hallowed Halls Of Liberty's Abode,
Its Words Resound, A Harmony Bestowed.
With Each Amendment, Progress We Embrace,
Preserving The Foundations Of Our Sovereign Space.

Oh, Constitution, Embodiment Of Our Dreams,
With Every Clause, Hope Gleams.
A Shield Against Tyranny, A Guardian True,
Defending The Rights Of Me And You.

Let Us Honor And Protect Its Noble Call,
For In Unity, We Shall Never Fall.
The Constitution, A Compass And Guide,
In Its Embrace, Our Nation Shall Abide.

Poem 3

C Onstitution, A Framework So Grand,
O Ur Nation's Backbone, A Guiding Hand,
N Obly Crafted By Wise Men Of Old,
S Ecuring Our Freedoms, Priceless Gold,
T He Foundation Of Our Liberty,
I Nalienable Rights For You And Me,
T Ogether We Stand, United And Free,
T Hanks To The Constitution, Our Legacy,
U Nder Its Protection, We Shall Thrive,
T Hrough Trials And Triumphs, We'll Survive,
I N Every Generation, We'll Uphold,
O Ur Duty To Defend, With Hearts So Bold,
N Ation Of The People, By The People, For The People,
Long May The Constitution Stand, Forever Equal.

Poem 4

C Oming Together, United We Stand,
O Ur Constitution, Our Guiding Hand,
N Obly Crafted By Those Who Understood,
S Ecuring Our Freedoms For Our Common Good.
T He Bill Of Rights, A Shining Light,
I Nalienable Rights That Are Our Birthright,
T Ogether We're Stronger, Indivisible,
U Nited In Our Belief, In Our Nation's Principle.
T He Constitution, A Document Of Hope,
I Ts Wisdom And Guidance Helps Us Cope,
O Ur Democracy, A Beacon So Bright,
N Ation Of The People, Shining With Might.

Poem 5

C Reating A Nation Bound By Law,
O Ur Constitution, The Beacon We Saw,
N Urturing Democracy, A Sacred Mission,
S Afeguarding Rights, Ensuring Fair Decision.
T He Framework That Unites, Inspires Us All,
I Ntrinsic Values, On Which We Stand Tall,
T Ogether We Embrace Diversity,
U Nity In Purpose, Fostering Unity.
T Hrough Trials And Triumphs, It Endures,
I Nforming Justice, Our Foundation Secures,
O Ur Guiding Compass, Steadfast And True,
N Avigating Progress, For Me And You.

Poem 6

C Reating A Nation, With Principles So True,
O Ur Constitution, The Foundation We Pursue,
N Urturing Democracy, Safeguarding Our Rights,
S Eeking Justice, Ensuring Our Collective Might.
T He Rule Of Law, A Beacon In The Night,
I Nspiring Equality, Shining Ever Bright,
T Ogether We Stand, United And Strong,
I Nterpreting The Constitution, Righting The Wrong.
T Rusting In Its Wisdom, Guiding Our Way,
U Nity And Freedom, A Harmonious Display,
T Hrough The Ages, It Stands As Our Shield,
I Nalienable Rights, Its Purpose Revealed,
O Ur Constitution, A Testament To Our Nation's Pride,
N Avigating Progress, As We Continue To Stride.

Poem 7

C Aptivating Document, Revered And Esteemed,
O Ur Constitution, A Symbol Of Dreams,
N Ational Covenant, Our Guiding Light,
S Ecuring Justice, Ensuring What's Right.
T Enets Enshrined, Principles We Hold Dear,
I Nspiring Unity, Dispelling Fear,
T Ogether We Stand, Indivisible And Strong,
U Nder The Constitution, Where We Belong,
T Rusting Its Wisdom, Through Trials We Face,
I Nalienable Rights, For Every Race,
O Ur Nation's Cornerstone, A Beacon So Bright,
N Avigating Progress, With Freedom's Might.

Poem 8

C Onstitution, A Charter We Embrace,
O Ur Guiding Compass, A Beacon Of Grace,
N Urturing Principles, Steadfast And True,
S Ecuring Liberties For Me And For You.
T He Rule Of Law, Our Democratic Creed,
I Nspiring Justice, Fulfilling Our Need,
T Ogether We Cherish, In Unity We Stand,
U Nder Its Protection, A United Land,
T Rusting Its Wisdom, A Guardian So Strong,
I Nvaluable Framework, Correcting The Wrong,
O Ur Constitution, A Testament Profound,
N Avigating Progress, Ensuring Freedom Resound.

Poem 9

C Oming Together To Form A Nation,
O Ur Constitution, The Cornerstone Of Foundation,
N Avigating The Path Of Democracy's Art,
S Ecuring The Values That Are Close To Our Heart.
T Reasured Principles It Firmly Upholds,
I Ntrinsic Rights, Our Story It Unfolds,
T Ogether We Strive For A Land That Is Free,
U Nited Under The Constitution's Decree,
T Rusting Its Words, In Unity We Believe,
I Nspiring Justice, Our Rights It Shall Retrieve,
O Ur Constitution, A Symbol Of Our Unity,
N Urturing A Nation, Strong In Diversity.

Poem 10

C Odified Ideals, A Nation's Decree,
O Ur Constitution, The Bond That Sets Us Free,
N Urturing Democracy, Embracing The Just,
S Afeguarding Rights, In Whom We All Trust.
T Hread Of Unity, Woven In Its Core,
I Nspiring Equality, Forevermore,
T Ogether We Stand, Indivisible And Strong,
U Nder Its Guidance, We Right Every Wrong.
T Rusting Its Wisdom, Through The Test Of Time,
I Nalienable Rights, Like A Rhythm's Rhyme,
O Ur Constitution, A Symbol Of Our Might,
N Avigating Progress, Shining With Light.

Poem 11

C Odified Values, A Nation's Decree,
O Ur Constitution, The Key To Being Free,
N Urturing Democracy, Guiding Our Way,
S Eeking Justice, Ensuring A Brighter Day.
T Rusting Its Principles, Unwavering And Just,
I Nspiring Unity, In Whom We All Trust,
T Ogether We Stand, United We Thrive,
U Nder Its Shelter, Our Hopes Come Alive,
T Reasuring Rights, Like A Beacon So Bright,
I Nterpreting Laws, For A Future That's Right,
O Ur Constitution, A Foundation Secure,
N Avigating Progress, Forever Endure.


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