A Poem to Encourage and Uplift – A Message of Hope


Poem 1

If You Ever Feel Down One Day,
No Need To Ever Go Astray.
Take A Breath And Count To Three,
Despite Negativity's Hard Plea.

My Presence Here Is Just A Sign,
So Come On And Let's Unwind. 
I Encourage You To Be Your Best, 
The Future Looks Nothing But Blessed. 

It May Take Some Time To Adjust, 
Just Know That I'm Here For You I Must. 
Put The Past Away In Your Heart, 
The Present Can Be A Brand New Start!

Poem 2

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No Matter The Situation, No Matter How Low,
You Can Overcome It, All You Need Is To Grow.
Hopeful And Kind, With Ambition In Mind,
Have Faith That You’ll Make It As You Take Your Time.
Your Life Is Worth Living And Joys Are Within Reach,
Believing In Yourself Means You’re Never A Leech.   
The Past Will Not Last Because Of Your New Scopes, 
Keep Going And Believing Untilyou Reach Those Hopes!

Poem 3

Your Future Will Be Bright
Though This Time May Feel Hollow And Fight,
There's Only One Direction To Go
Hold Onto The Torch Of Your Dreams And Don't Let Go! 
Forge Ahead—it's Time For You To Shine. 
Fulfillment And Joy, Keep It Ever In Mind. 
Stay Steadfast And Open, Victory Will Come Soon 
You Have What It Takes, So Rise And Bloom!

Poem 4

When Obstacles Appear So Tall
In A World That's Seen It All
It Can Be Hard To Smile Each Day 
Though Gloom May Arise And Stay  
Do Not Ever Lose Your Sight 
Your Heart's Rays Must Take Flight
For If You Stand Strong, Courage Will Lead 
Time Waits For No One - Succeed!

Poem 5

Be Proud And Strong, For Your Journey Is Not Yet Done. 
Take Heart And Courage, As You Face The Rising Sun.
For Forward You Must Go, Onward With Steadfast Will.
You Are Brave Enough To Know, That Obstacles Will Force You To Test Your Skill. 
Never Look Back In Fright, Nor Allow Fear To Overpower You. 
Reach High Up With All Your Might, Until Of Joy Your Heart Will Purse Be True. 
Throughout The Times That Try You, In Victory Remain Faithful And Sure. 
With Determination Do Pursue, What's Destined For Now Can Be Yours For The Future.

Poem 6

Smile When Discouragement Creeps In,
Take A Deep Breath And Try Again.
Fill Your Soul With Sweet Serenity,
Faith Will Bring You Fortitude.

Peace And Grace Are Found Within;
Achieve Your Goals And Stand Tall Again. 
Forget All What Is Lost And Forlorn, 
Focus On The Future To Be Born.

Poem 7

Your Future Is Calling Your Name, Be Strong And Stay In The Game, 
Though Life Has Been Hard And You’ve Taken A Fall, Get Up Because One Day You’ll Soar Tall. 
Forget Those Days When Nothing Seemed To Go Right, And Look Ahead For Your Future So Bright. 
Press On With Courage And Strength In Your Heart, Strive For Success And Give It Your Best Start. 
In Time Of Despair Don't Forget To Just Breathe, Keep Your Chin Up As You Courageously Seethe.  
Know That This Too Shall Pass And Soon Life Will Open A Door, Never Lose Hope Now Or Ever Before. 
So Put Forth Effort And Fight Through This Night,

Poem 8

Verse 1: 
When Times Are Tough And Strife Has Come,
When You Start To Give In And Become Numb.

Verse 2: 
Take A Moment And Breathe In The Air, 
And Let Go Of Your Doubts And Despair. 

Verse 3: 
Remember Your Strength And All That You Can Do, 
It’s Time For You To Take Control Of You. 

Verse 4: 
Your Path Lies Ahead And It Can Be Promising, 
Push Past Any Doubt And Keep On Pressing.  

 Verse 5: 
In Moments Of Darkness Choose Light Instead,  
Let Go Of Fear And Stay Ahead. 

Poem 9

Though The Road Ahead Looks Steep And Long,
Trust That As You Crest The Hill,
You'll Have The Wind At Your Back,
Your Walls No Longer Steel.

You've More Strength Than You Know, 
Far Greater Than Anything Imagined; 
Where Others Fall, Strong Roots Will Grow -- 
Confidence Reigns Uncabined! 

Though It Feels Like Failing Too Much Each Day,  
Upward Still Bravely Look; 
Your Future Brightens With Every Step --  
You're Stronger Than Any Book.

Poem 10

These Words Of Encouragement, I Now Convey
As A Reminder That Each New Day’s A Chance To Stray
From Doubts And Uncertainties That Plague Your Heart 
So Dive Into Life With Glee Having Taken The First Step To Start.

Your Potential Is Limitless, Whatever You May Choose, 
Regardless If It Be Running Or Writing In Prose 
Stars Of Greatness Await You, Bright And Sweet 
Accept The Challenge And Know At Once You Will Have No Regrets. 

It's Time To Take Hold Of Today's Destiny 
And Let Your Ambition Be Set Free.  
Just Never Forget There's Grace Along The Way;  
Step Confidently Ahead, For It's There Waiting For You In This

Poem 11

There Are Moments In Life When You Feel Down
And Blues Seem To Overwhelm You Around
All Your Hopes And Dreams A Distant Sight
When Everything That's Wrong Seems So Right. 

Take Heart And Never Lose The Will To Fight 
For The Courage And Hope Is Glowing Bright 
A Challenge Awaits Though It May Be Tough
Let Courage Guide You, That's Enough.

Poem 12

A Voice Of Courage And Care
Breathe In The Peace, Be Aware
Let It Protect As You're Surrounded 
In Its Calm, Be Safe And Sound
Stay Hopeful, Keep Believing 
Time Will Reveal What We’re Meant To Find 
Grow Strong Through Course-corrections; We Are Creating Our Own Designs 
Believe In Yourself, Your Passion Will Shine

Poem 13

Remember Your Worth, As You Learn And Grow
Your Beauty Shines In All That You Know 
Trust In Yourself, To Be Strong And Kind
Your Journey Is Yours, Let Peace Be Your Guide 
Let Courage Fill Your Heart And Grace Light Up Your Day
From Deep Within, Confidence Can Lead The Way 
You Are Unique - So Take It Slow, Special And True Are Traits We Should All Hold 
Usher Forward Strides Of Steady Light; For The Truest Path Is Yours To Ignite.


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